Are WE
There Yet?

Are we
there yet?

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Art Direction

Content Series

Are We There Yet?, a first-of-its-kind talk show series from Meta that features road trip-style chats with metaverse experts deciphering a valid question—what is the metaverse? 

So strap yourself into a flying car driven by Keke Palmer as she asks experts everyone's burning questions as she flies through the metaverse.
Our episode features the inspiring Don Allen Stevenson III, a digital creator, and educator whose expressive creations span augmented and virtual realities. 

My partner Andy Green and I concepted a whole universe of self-expression—inspired by Don himself—for the episode's journey. In addition, we scripted and directed Keke on-set for additional pieces of social content and trailers, cut-downs, and a soon-to-launch Horizon World drive-in theater experience.

Role: Art Direction & Design

Team: Andy Green, Vera Keiter, Delilah Kim, Michaela McCrink, Raegan Allsbrook, Mariano Cassisi, Bryan Evans, Tom Markham, Mary Lahey, Rachel Greenlee, Veronica Williams, Josephine Harmon, Letisha Guerrero, Meena Kavanagh—Creative X

Director—Tim Bierbaum & Tomi Dieguez
Production & Branding—1st Avenue Machine & Hueso
Inari Briana—Photographer

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